July 17, 2016

Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 Now with 7 Days Unlimited Text to All Networks

I’m surprise with my Globe favorite GoSAKTO promo GOTSCOMBODD70, the 7 days 1GB internet surfing for 70 pesos and 1000 free texts to Globe and TM now comes with unlimited texts to all networks. It becomes more affordable to those who love to go online and often texts their love ones on different networks. I just received a message after I subscribed to GOTSCOMBODD70 saying: 

“Congratulations! You have successfully created your own promo,  GOTSCOMBODD70 with Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO. Now enjoy 1GB + 1000 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 7 days. To check your balance or end your subscription, dial *143#. Per DTI-FTEB SPD No. 1229 S16 valid until 6/30/16. This promo is subject to Globe's Fair Use Policy.” 

After a few minutes I received another message from Globe 8888 saying: 

“Surprise! Ang dati mong 1000 texts to Globe and TM, ngayon, Unli Allnet Texts na! Enjoy it as long as you are registered to gotscomboDD70 valid for 7 days.” Super cool right? If you’re interested to avail this promo you can check out the mechanics below.

Only 70 pesos for 1 week unlitext to all networks plus surfing

How to Register Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 1 week Unli All Network Texts

Simply text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8888 or 8080

1 week unlimited to all networks (Globe, TM, Sun Cellular, Smart, TNT etc.)
1GB data for internet surfing
Only 70 pesos

You can also register this promo via USSD *143# menu on your Globe mobile phone. Just select GoSAKTO and create your own promo, choose text and surf then make sure to follow options correctly. Since this is a GoSAKTO promo, it includes FREE Facebook while you are registered to this promo. Just text FREE FB to 8888 to avail. To check your remain MB/GB surfing balance you can text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8888 and wait for SMS notifications regarding your promo balance.


  1. Anonymous8/29/2016

    Oks to

  2. Anonymous8/31/2016

    Bakit walang confirmation sa free fb ko po? nag reg nman ako. sana mkatulong kayo

  3. Anonymous9/07/2016

    Can TM users can subscribe to this promo?

  4. Anonymous9/14/2016

    Pwede po ba to sa TM users? Thanks

  5. Anonymous9/18/2016

    yup gumagana

  6. May access ba to sa Skype?

  7. pwede ba ang promo na ito sa pocket wifi using globe tattoo sim? thanks

  8. Anonymous9/26/2016

    yes po

  9. Gumagana to sa TM?

  10. Anonymous9/30/2016

    Any TM user confirm if this works?

  11. Anonymous9/30/2016

    Globe only lang yan.

  12. Pano mag register if para sa pocket wifi?

    1. same lang.Or you may open address.
      User & Pass are the same which is admin
      hanapin mo ang SMS doon ka mag type :)

  13. Your load is not enough daw, pero sobra sobra load ko. Tapos kapag chineck mo balance mo, binawasan ka na ng 20 pesos. Good job globe. Ayos

  14. Pwede po ito sa globe lte sim? Thank you 😊

  15. Question lng sa 1g INternet does it mean na pag naubos ung 1g sa loob ng 1 day babagal na ung net or mwawala na? o everyday may 1g ka nag rerefresh every 24hrs katulad sa srufmax?