March 19, 2016

How To Extend Your TM Promos for Only 5 Pesos Up To 365x Times

With the latest Touch Mobile promo, you can now spend less if you want to enjoy more texting and calling time. TM prepaid now lets you extend your current registered promo before it expires for only 5 pesos and up to 365 times. Registration to TM extend promo doesn’t need 1 peso maintaining balance as long as you have exact amount of P5. By simply following mechanics below you can start using the TM service once your promo expired.
TM Extend
Touch Mobile EXTEND format

 How to Extend TM Promo for only 5 pesos

Just text EXTEND to 8080

Amount needed: 5 pesos
Validity: 24 hours

How to Extend TM Promo via *143#

Dial *143# on your phone dialer
Select Option 2 for Call and Text Promos
Select option 3 for EXTEND
Select Register to avail extend your promo

TM Extend Promo
TM EXTEND notification

When to Extend TM Promo?

Before your current promo expires you will receive SMS notification saying that your promo is about to expire, this time you’ll given a chance to decide reload and decide if your want to EXTEND your for another 24 hours. You can extend all you can as long as you’ll have enough load, before you reload your TM account you can check your balance. By default you can extend all call and text promo or you can see list of promos that are available for this service. In cause you're having issue with your TM promo you can call their hotline to ask for assistance.

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  1. Pa help namn po Baket Unable to process saken pag nag REPLY Ako ng Yes to CONFIRM SA Pasa load Pa help po thanks .