Monday, February 17, 2014

Sun Cellular Unlisurf Promo using Pocket Wi-Fi Stick, Broadband and Mobile

There are several ways to register Sun Unlisurf promo on your prepaid account and more options on where to use it. Most of us love to surf all day and night that's why our telco's are offering the best solution to every needs of their subscribers. For Sun Cellular SIM users, there are lots of denomination you can choose to enjoy unlimited internet surfing on your prepaid broadband, mobile phone, Pocket Wi-Fi, 3G router/modem (Huawei D100, B200 etc) and other internet capable devices.

Sun Unlisurf

Sun Unli Surf Prepaid Plans

Sun Cellular unlisurf is basically the iLoads and Sun Broadband Wireless internet promo that you can use on your prepaid and SBW sim card. Same goes with postpaid, they can also enjoy affordable rates using iLoads or iPlans add on mobile internet with anti-bill shock.

How to register Sun Unlisurf Promo

You can use your regular load or via Sun Xpressload to subscribe on unlimited surfing promo. For prepaid users using regular load you may select the choice of promo to convert it to iLoads.

Unlisurf for 1 day - 50 pesos

Just text i50 to 247

3 days unlimited surfing - 100 pesos

Just text i100 to 247

One-week or 7 days unli surfing - 250 pesos

Just text i250 to 247

1 month or 30 days unli internet - 999 pesos

Just text i999 to 247

For Sun Broadband Wireless users you can register to unlimited promo using SBW Promo Codes.

Once you already received the confirmation message from Sun Cellular you start browsing right away, just make sure you already configured your phone or broadband settings correctly (see Sun Broadband Wireless Configuration).For Pocket Wi-Fi users make sure to use the prepaid APN setting and configure your device correctly (see Sun Cellular Pocket WiFi Setup).


  1. Additional info, for as low as P25 sun load, you can also use i25 for 3 hours unlimited surfing valid for 1 day.

  2. ask ko lang if pwede ba ang regular sun sim sa sun pocket wifi stick? thanks

  3. Anonymous5/20/2015

    pwed po,,,

  4. unlimited internet po ba talaga or like sa globe na 800mb lang for a day

  5. Anonymous8/11/2015

    ask ku lang for 3gigabytes and plan ku sa sun pag na register ku na ba ang i50 hindi na nito ginagamit ang gigabytes ku sa sun plan ko?

  6. Unlimited Surfing po ba or may bandwidth limit usage lang po? Pakisagot po. Salamat..