May 13, 2013

Transfer a Load to other Sun Cellular Mobile Number – Share or Give a Load

Just like other networks, Sun Celllular also offer share a load or pasaload service where you can send regular or special promo load regardless if you’re prepaid or postpaid subscriber. Sun users can send a minimum minimum of 10 pesos and maximum of 50 pesos. Prepaid does not have monthly transactions limit while postpaid can only send a maximum amount of P500 monthly.

What makes special with Sun Cellular Give a Load service is you can send a promo load like unlimited texts promo TU20 or TU50, call and texts unli CTU25, combo load (CTC10), unlimited internet browsing and other promos you want to share with your friend and love ones.

Share A Load Sun Cellular

How to transfer a load to other number with Sun Cellular

To share or pass a regular load to other Sun mobile number:
Just text the amount (10 - 50) <space> receiver's 11-digit mobile number
Example: 50 09223456789 the send to 2292

To share or pass a special or promo load to other Sun mobile number:
Just text the amount (Load Code) <space> receiver's 11-digit mobile number
Example: SBW50 09223456789 the send to 2292

Do note that give a load or share a load cost P1.00 per successful transaction.

Available amount and promo code you can use on give a load transaction.

Regular Load:

Minimum amount: P10
Maximum amount: P50

Promo code or special load:

Call and Text Unlimited:
Code: CTU25

Text Unlimited
Code: TU20 – TU50

Call and Text Unlimited Combo
Code: CTC10-CTC20-CTC30

Unlimited Internet Browsing
Code: SBW50-SBW100

Code: BGT5-BGT20


  1. Anonymous7/25/2013

    ty foir the info,, great job

  2. thanks for the info.keep it up!

  3. Anonymous5/06/2014

    How to pass load from Sun to Smart pls ?

  4. Anonymous7/17/2014

    What's the duration of the given load through give a load? Thanks

  5. Anonymous9/02/2014

    is this true ?

  6. Anonymous9/30/2014

    I try this but nothing happens i really nid to send load from my sun no. To my sister but its not working...

  7. Anonymous9/30/2014

    I use to do this but lately this ain't working anymore. Nothing happens. Is there any other way to do this? 2292 is not working anymore.

    1. Anonymous11/07/2014

      yeah not working now!!

  8. Anonymous10/06/2014

    hey!i try to these but the load didnt airtime bal been deducted!!!!

  9. Anonymous10/23/2014

    different case with mine. i was able to give a load when i am together with the other subscriber. then i tried to give a load wherein the subscriber was in a different place. the giving a load failed. tried to call the customer service. they told me that perhaps the network signal may not be working properly. i have been using the give a load ever since and it worked all the time. unfortunately, 2292 is no longer working. i am very disappointed with the service.

  10. Tried it 9/9/2015 and it does not work. Receiving SIM was in the same room.

  11. How I minimize my load I am suppose to use a load unlimited.. How I do it? I really dont know

  12. Why cant load power txt unlimited 200 card to my sun sim broadband and i want to registered by unli surf100. Ty