Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Remove Ringback Tone from Globe

You accidentally activated you ringback tone or you don't even know why you are having ringback tone from Globe? Here's how to remove or stop the ringing song that your friends hear when they call you. Just follow the simple steps below on how to deactivate or unsubscribe ringback tone from Globe.

Here's how to:

To remove a particular Ringback tone

Just type STOP(Space) (RBT CODE) then to 2332

To remove all your existing Ringback tone

Just type UNSUBSCRIBE then send to 2332

That's is your annoying ringback tone will be removed after doing the tips above. You may also want to read on How To Stop Globe 2346.

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  1. Anonymous7/19/2014

    I did not subscribe for any ringback tones and wallpaper but then globe is charging me a certain amount which I did not avail. What kind of services do they have even I already stop all alerts and .It's a hoax.....Pls. stop all this bullcraps .