September 22, 2012

New Opera Mini 7.5 Final for Android New Features

World’s most popular mobile browser Opera Mini just release new version Opera Mini 7.5 for Android   smartphones. Opera introduces Smart Page features which makes easier for us to access social networking  updates, news and suggested links.  With Opera Mini 7.5 for Android connecting to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter happens all in one page only. News updates from you favorite sites is also  gathered and takes place all in one page. Suggested links also collected and rendered based on your locations as well as Opera partners suggested links.
Opera Mini 7.5 Final for Android

Fast and smooth browsing  that saves your money from Opera’s latest release of Opera Mini 7.5 for Android phones. You can download this new version of Opera Mini 7.5 final directly at Google Play Store.

Lastly, to all FBT UBT users lets just wait for Opera Mini 7.5 Handler UI to setup our network settings.

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