August 31, 2012

Butas Sim Tips for Globe and Smart

If you want to use Butas Sim for Globe or Smart and your are using Butas sim trick, you may read this for your additional information and tips so that you will get a higher chance of success in using Butas Sim. There are steps to follow on how to successfully used Butas Sim, you can search over the internet for a lot of tutorials. Associated terms in BUtas Sim is VPN like Extreme VPN, Hot Spot Shield (HSS) , Expat Shield etc. 

Tips in Using Butas Sim:

Tattoo Orange Sim for higher chance of success
After plugging your USB modem, never connect right after you see the dashboard.
You need a regular load of a least P16 and not above P19.
Register to SUPERSURF15 for Globe
Ports to use:
LPort: 50, 51, 52, 55, 53, 54, 137, 800
RPort: 9201

You may Use DNS:
or use other DNS if you have


Smart Profile
Name: (any desired name)
Apn: internet
Dial #: *99#
Advance Button: PAP

Save and set to default


Name: (any desired name)
Dial #: *99#
Advance Button: PAP

Save and set to default

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