Download Facebook Chat Applicaton For PC

Facebook Messenger for Windows, chat with friends on your desktop while doing other stuff with this official Facebook Messenger for your desktop or computer. Communicate with your contact and be updated with latest feeds, friend request and other notification using this Facebook chat application. In addition, it includes the Ticker feature in Facebook where you can see the real time updates of your friends. 
Facebook Messenger for Windows
Figure: 3.0

How to Download and Install Facebook Chat for PC

Just like Facebook chat interface you have the options for Facebook emoticons and smileys, chat sound, pop ups, appear online only on selected contacts and more. Please see details below on how to use Facebook chat without opening your web browser.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. On the lower right portion of Facebook chat click on Settings icon. (See image below)
Facebook Messenger Settings

3. You will be redirect to Facebook Messenger for Windows page, click Install Now to download the application. ( see image Figure 3.0 above)

4. After downloading, locate the downloaded file then click to run the installer.
Facebook Messenger Installation

5. Once done installing, you will see the Facebook Messenger for Windows login page.
Facebook Messenger Login

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Login your Facebook account and enjoy chatting with your friends without opening your web browser. Facebook Messenger is also available for Android mobile and other browsers.